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Shamil and Khabib : Two Caucasian heroes of two generations

Shamil and Khabib

By Arshad Mohsin

Defying the age old Shakespearian adage (What’s there in a name), this Caucasian hero has a lot to express in his beautiful name. His name has an Arabic origin, pronounced in Russian Khabib is actually Habib (beloved) , Nur is actually Noor ( light ), while Magomed is actually Mohammad -the name of holy Prophet and Dov means of, so Khabib NurMagomedov means the beloved light of Mohammad.


The glorious words of the UFC world champion Khabib (the Avar) of Dagestan, thanking God in the thick of a deadly dual reminds us of his primogenitor Shamil, the Avar ,aka Imam Shamil, the lion of the Caucasus. Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fearless jump over the cage and an eagle like pounce over dozens of his adversaries brings back the astounding memory of Imam Shamil’s first encounter with the Russian imperial army when the Imam had leapt clean over the heads of the very line of soldiers who were about to fire on him, landing behind them he whirled his sword at a lightning speed cutting down three of them before the fourth could plunge his bayonet deep into his chest, with his face still extraordinary in its immobility he pulled the steel out of his own flesh chopping the head of his attacker and with another super human leap cleared the wall and vanished into the darkness. The Russian army was exactly as dumbfounded then as the world watching Khabib fighting in and outside the octagon the day before.

The story of Khabib and Imam Shamil teaches us that a Muslim can’t be illiterate, neither can he be weak or feeble. According to a famous saying of the Prophet , “A strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer”. Islam is a religion of strength, honour and prestige. Almost a century and a half after the legend of Imam Shamil, his progeny Khabib seems to have revived the forgotten virtue of bravery, humility and unwavering resolve. Khabib has shown to the world that a Muslim doesn’t have the desire to initiate hostility neither does he seek physical confrontation but reserves the right to defend himself individually or themselves collectively against attacks and aggressions at any point of time. And that they also have the duty to prepare themselves against such attacks and aggressions.

Who are these Caucasian heroes and why does the Ummah need to revisit their heroic deeds today?

The Muslim world having been deviously subverted for about a century now has lost touch with the virtues of bravery and honour. Confusion and greed has encompassed the believers to the extent of infighting and self-destruction. As of today fear of hunger and death has forced millions of Muslims to cut and run from their own homelands and create a refugee crisis at a global scale. Modern schooling on the other hand has turned them into liars, scamsters, adulterers and atheist perverts. This is the high time Heroes like Imam Shamil and Khabib were sung in every Muslim homes. Let their legend inspire the fearful billions to come back to the defence of their honour and religion. It had been years since our eyes saw a brave Muslim like Khabib to have barred the victory march of the unchallenged Islamophobes. No wonder the Muslim world burst into a hysterical applause at every punch that landed on the face of the arrogant denigrator. The story of the bravery of Khabib’s clan goes back to the early 1930s when the founding father of modern day guerrilla warfare Imam Shamil and his Avar tribesmen, like a living rampart against the Russian’s fire, managed to stop the Russian colonial expansion and kill almost half a million heavily armed Russian army only with their swords and arrows in over a period of 25 years of unremitting warfare. None of Imam Shamil’s army of Murids and Naibs was ever taken alive. The unfettered courage of Khabib also smacks of those Naibs who had dwarfed the mighty army of Czar in the forbidding mountains of Dagestan separating the Christian and the Muslim world.

The great game that ultimately dismantled the Islamic state of the Ottoman Caliphate, also taught the colonialists and their lackeys to mock Muslims and their religious beliefs. McGregor publicly abusing Khabib’s father, his country and his religion is nothing new to the uncivilized west. In fact it’s the continuity of the same syllabus as was taught by his crusading forefathers.

The unprincipled, hateful Irish brat who broached the issue of religion in the sporting arena couldn’t have been responded any better than stripping him of his Championship belt by defeating him genuinely, which  Khabib did in the historic fight in Las Vegas.

The Muslim Ummah today is living in unscrupulously crafted atmosphere of fear, misery, gloom and half-heartedness longing desperately for a good news. The news of Khabib’s internationally acclaimed victory has boosted the morale of Muslim community around the globe and has turned the attention of the world towards the Caucasus, Dagestan and Chechnya.

The one thing the Ummah needs to learn from the Caucasian heroes like Imam Shamil and Khabib is to obstinately refuse to give in even if the enemy is a superpower or led by Dajjal himself. To fight with utmost savagery, strike off the word surrender from their dictionary, train their men, women and children as well for the battles of life, fear none but Allah, exhibit unconditional loyalty to their righteous leader inspiring fear in the hearts of their reconnoitering adversary, prefer death to being disarmed, loose life not freedom neither honour. The unbeaten championship of Khabib has brought a sigh of relief in the otherwise demoralised, demonized and helpless looking Muslim world.

Shamil was the hero of previous generation, in Khabib todays Muslim youths are seeing a role model.


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