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Women’s Day: Meet first Muslim post woman Jameela

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March 8, 2018, 1:56 PM IST

Women’s Day: Meet first Muslim post woman Jameela

Hyderabad: Jameela a widow of Mahboobabad instead of mourning the death of her husband, joined her husband’s job and decided to bring her children on her own. She works as a post woman and delivers letters, telegrams and parcels etc. from one place to another.

Jameela belongs to Garla mandal in Mahboobabad district. Her husband Khaja Miya was a postman who died 10 years ago when their elder daughter was in 5th class and the younger daughter was in 3rd class. Jameela was facing a gloomy situation. Luckily Jameela got her husband’s job. Thus she became the first Muslim Post woman of the postal department.

At first, Jameela didn’t know how to ride a bicycle. She used to go by walk and deliver letters and parcels to houses. Now she has learnt to ride the bicycle. Initially, she was getting a salary of Rs. 6000 which was insufficient to meet her expenses. So she started selling sarees along with her job. Today she gets Rs. 10000 per month. Her elder daughter is doing engineering and the younger daughter is doing diploma course.

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